Friday, January 1, 2010

Find what you love...

and make it a living. Seriously guys, all I can say is that I feel so incredibly lucky to have found something that works for me so...perfectly. I don't know if the love for my job comes from my well-formed experience of CRAPPY jobs, but I really do feel as if I hit the jackpot at Advanced Dental Care.

Currently, our office is remodeling and so Dr. B asked me to come in and help him organize. I'll tell you what, I had a blast. He let me make a bunch of the decisions as to where things should go and we were able to throw out a bunch of ideas as for new things the office is going to try for this new year. We even talked about going on an expedition abroad to do some charity dental work at a poor 3rd world country, which I of course, almost peed my pants from excitement at the thought. He expressed to me his wishes of having me become the seniority over all the other dental assistants and pretty much his "second in command" which I accepted without any second thought. This means I pretty much have to know EVERYTHING about the office (which is a buttload to learn) but I honestly am so excited. Both the dentists have shown such confidence in me that it truly makes me want to be the best employee EVER.

Yesterday, I worked for 7 hrs without so much as even a bathroom break and I honestly know I could have worked 7 more and still been all smiles. I had more fun at work than I did at the party I went to after. I'm starting to understand how people can become workaholics. I have NEVER been this way about any kind of work and to me, it really doesn't feel like work. This is my niche. This is what I'm good at. This is what has been making me so happy these past few weeks.

There are so many reasons why I can say I love my job. I won't for sake of time. But I am so so grateful to have this job (it's from all my parents prayers I'm sure) and I hope you'll all wish me luck cuz this next month or so is going to be CRAZY! Can't wait!

-Happy Employee