Sunday, March 14, 2010


From the time I was little, I sometimes have really bad nightmares. Almost every time I would get a fever, the nightmares would get so bad I would have hallucinations that made them feel incredibly real. I would scream, sleep walk, sleep talk etc. and my parents often had to put me in the shower to cool me down.

I don't think of myself as a morbid person and I've never been into any horror films or novels so I can't figure out why I end up having such morbid dreams. Lately the dreams have been pretty bad. Sometimes I even have daydreams of them--well, flashes really. The variety of these dreams is immense. I don't fear dying but I have dreams of dying very unnatural painful deaths. I dream about rapists, corpses, children bleeding out of their eyes... or lesser dreams about being blind, getting lost and having no way back, or having a never ending homework assignment that I have to but can't finish.

My first year of college, there was a point when the dreams would get so bad, I hated going to sleep so I would stay up as late as I possibly could.

Why these dreams come--is a mystery. I'm not really sure what they say about me as a person. Anyway, I hope they won't last forever--it's kinda uncool to wake up shaking or in a sweat.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Why I love my sissy

Well as I mentioned in an earlier post, it was my sister's b-day yesterday. As Nick and I were making cards for her, I truly began to realize how close I've gotten to her. She's a total home-body and so when my parents took her to Vegas for her 16th, it felt SO WEIRD not to have her around.

Here are the top ten things we love to do together

1.) Laugh--When she and I get in that "mood", the laughing begins at sunrise and doesn't end till sundown, and then some:)
2.) Quote stupid movies-- Nacho Libre, Hot Rod, Cheesy-chick flicks, etc. One of our favorite lines: (to be said with gusto) "No! Nooo! Tu tienes mi corazon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
3.)Make fun of the 'rents--What can I say? They are goofy and they are old. What more of a target do you need?
4.) Watch TV shows-- Our favorites: Make it or Break It (SOOOOO good!) and of course, Glee!
5.) Play Sims-- Neen is a Sims ADDICT but she gets me to take part in her addiction every once and a while. Our favorite thing is to make ourselves, and hook "us" up with our ideal men and start an ideal family. No WONDER it's addicting.
6.) Cry over sappy love films-- First time watching Titanic together, after the movie we turned on the lights only to realize we BOTH had tears streaming down our faces. We then of course couldn't stop laughing for 20 minutes but that happens quite frequently.
7.) Make trips to Harmons-- Like I said earlier, Nina doesn't really like to get out much UNLESS it's going to Harmons. Harmon's is apparently where all dreams come true whenever she and I are together.
8.) Goof around-- Whether its writing songs about poo, weirding out random strangers, taking a cart through the drive-thru at Wendy's, singing duets till we drive our brothers mad, or simply doing things that will make the other sissy pee her pants, Neen and I always know how to have a good time when we're together.
9.)Sing-- Nina and I both love to sing when we're together. She typically figures out the alto or boy part and we make up duets. I remember during one summer, we layed on the grass and made up an entire musical that summed up our lives at that time. It was pretty fantastic... and hilarious.
10.) Talk-- Even though Nina is almost 5 years younger than me, I still feel like I can relate to her in the same way I would with other people my age. We talk about boys, vent, laugh, cry, and stay up till sickening hours. Nina is one of my best friends and I feel both happy and sad that she is growing up.

Love you Neener Beaner!

She's gonna kill me for putting these up but oh well!

Pic #1: I told her to make a funny face. THIS is what she came up with. She is so awesome:)
Pic #2. We were in church and her legs were cold so OF COURSE she decided to put the arms of her coat on her legs. We were laughing so hard my mom asked if she was going to "need to split us up".

NRFW Dance

January 22, 2010- First day we met.

So Much JOY

comes from little kids. THIS is what I look forward to when it comes to being a mom:)

Hadza Women

I'm starting to think that only in America are women allowed to be complete pansies. I was reading this article about the Hadza women and their customs. It explains this woman's scars on her cheeks probably came from crying as a child. If a child cried, they would cut their cheeks so when they cried, it would sting the wounds, therefore teaching them that crying would not be permitted.

a bit HARSH i think, but still. Kinda bad A**

Oh for the love

of my sister. Yesterday it was her birthday and I took it upon myself to make her a cake. Talk about cooking adventure gone awry. As I was trying to pry open the stubborn jerk of a can lid off, it attacked my finger with fierce vengeance.

As I'm rinsing the pint of blood spilling out of my index finger, I pulled the skin a little to see the damage (bad idea)... cuz I could make out something white. Ugh bone. So I'm calling to my brother, he runs down with napkins and bandaids, and while he's prepping said bandaids, I lamely pass out on the kitchen floor. Niiiiiiiiice. As if I didn't feel like enough of a loser already.

About an hour later, my finger was still bleeding and trobbing and I called my parents who advised me to take a quick little vacation to the hospital. A really nice doctor, and six stitches later she's as good as new! (well, sort of). Sure hope my sister liked that stupid cake!

Six stitches and ugly fat swollen fingers. Mmm tasty!!

Pretty sure my body hates me

20 min @ Waikiki Tanning. Yay for skin cancer!