Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh for the love

of my sister. Yesterday it was her birthday and I took it upon myself to make her a cake. Talk about cooking adventure gone awry. As I was trying to pry open the stubborn jerk of a can lid off, it attacked my finger with fierce vengeance.

As I'm rinsing the pint of blood spilling out of my index finger, I pulled the skin a little to see the damage (bad idea)... cuz I could make out something white. Ugh bone. So I'm calling to my brother, he runs down with napkins and bandaids, and while he's prepping said bandaids, I lamely pass out on the kitchen floor. Niiiiiiiiice. As if I didn't feel like enough of a loser already.

About an hour later, my finger was still bleeding and trobbing and I called my parents who advised me to take a quick little vacation to the hospital. A really nice doctor, and six stitches later she's as good as new! (well, sort of). Sure hope my sister liked that stupid cake!

Six stitches and ugly fat swollen fingers. Mmm tasty!!