Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh Bishop.

So today before sacrament I was perusing the pews for a familiar face to sit next to and my Bishop comes and stands next to me and says two words, "Joe Wood."
Me: "Joe Wood?"
Bishop M: "Do you know Joe Wood?"
Me: "No"
Bishop M: "Well you should. I'm the bishop and I think he's sharp! Liz! (He calls to his wife, aka Partner in Crime)"
Liz: "I can see you conniving Glen. What's this all about?"
Bishop M: "I'm just telling Amy how sharp Joe Wood is don't you think he's sharp?"
Liz to me: "Oh yes he's very sharp."
Bishop M: "Go sit next to him and make some moves!"
Me: "Uh..."
Liz: "Follow me"

So Liz then practically drags me over to sharp Joe Wood and sits me right next to him like a toddler.
Liz to Joe: "This is my cute neighbor Amy"
Joe: "Oh hi. Ya I know who you are"
Me: "huh. That's weird cuz I had no clue who you were!"
And that was about it except for the awkward silence till the meeting started. After the meeting we talked about my genius older brother and then I sorta ran away. Turns out this Joe Wood WAS very sharp but I still can't believe my bishop and his wife teamed up to attempt at matchmaking. Ah...always good times in the singles ward.