Friday, December 18, 2009

A Night in Park City

Last night my buddies Michael and Amos invited me to go to Park City to spend the night in a hotel/condo with a bunch of other friends. It was way cool cuz we went swimming, played games, ate junk food, and watched some shows. I was SUPER tired so I went and laid down on one of the bunks but Michael Was DETERMINED to not let me sleep. He put on this hilarious robe and brought two wine glasses (filled with pink lemonade) and red vines to use as straws. We sat on my bunk, toasted to 9/11 (his idea)and joked around till I retained a little more energy. After binging ourselves on junkfood and watching The Best of Will Ferrel, Mike and I got bored and decided to engage in a little "pillow talk". Seriously it was kind of funny. We both laid on the bottom bunk (don't worry, totally PG stuff) and talked for almost FIVE hours straight. We started out unwinding from our day and then began a series of random conversations, falling in and out of sleep as we spoke. (It was LATE). It was really cool cuz we talked about everything from spiritual to physical to humorous to depressing, and we gave each other several "insights" to the brains of the opposite sex.

We talked a lot about marriage and it was very interesting to learn that there are surprisingly a lot guys that feel and think about marriage in the same way we females do. It was pretty comforting (and surprising) to me actually. He helped put some of my fears at bay and made me think about certain things in a way I never have before. I love having guy friends for that reason.

Well after our brains were completely fried from our long conversation and lack of sleep, we decided to drive home since there were a lot more people than there were beds. I slept the whole way home and didn't get in my bed till like 4am but it was totally worth it. My only regret was not being able to go to the Star Wars movie marathon with my wife. Love you Drea<3

Anyway, it's been a good day blogging but I gotsta go take a shower:)Hasta Luego!